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SDG Mission

Build and lead Responsibly

SDG is a leading construction company in Miami Dade, with quality real estate development operations, committed to the highest level of quality, safety, and environment protection, providing innovative solutions and prompt delivery.

SDG provides real estate development projects that give our customers the best value and compelling experience.

We uplift the quality of life in the communities we build in by providing a holistic and personalized approach to construction.

SDG Vision

Building a Better Future

SDG will create not just more real estate projects, but meaningful construction projects, and cultivate a culture of highly motivated clients and partners.

SDG will harness its creativity and will innovate in the real estate development construction world. SDG will make use of new technology, develop new methodologies, find ways to give more back to the community, make sure our partners and clients are fully satisfied.

SDG will be an agent of positive and meaningful change as we promote great real estate innovative construction projects.

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